Feb 04 2012
Music of Robert Palmer

8PM, Barnes Hall
The Department of Music will celebrate the life and music of composer Robert Palmer in a chamber music concert featuring his Violin Sonata (1956), his Sonata for two pianos (1944), and his Quintet for Clarinet, String Trio, and Piano (1952).  The performers will include Cornell faculty members Xak Bjerken, piano; Miri Yampolsky, piano; and doctoral student Andrew Zhou.  Guest musicians will include Richard Faria, clarinet; Nicholas DeEugenio, violin; Wendy Richman, viola; and Blaine Bryski, piano.
Robert Palmer served on the Cornell music faculty for forty years (1943-1980), and founded the first doctoral program in the United States, at Cornell University.  He is credited for impacting the development of American music and the training of young composers significantly and profoundly.  Steven Stucky, professor in the Department of Music, and student and friend of Palmer's, is the organizer of this concert.

Image: Robert Palmer