Feb 10 2012
Bring on the Lumiere! Dance + Theatre by Kat Galasso

7:30PM, Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts
Catherine "Kat" Galasso, BA '06, a performance artist, dancer, filmmaker and choreographer working in San Francisco and New York City will present "Bring on the Lumiere!" a dance theatre piece inspired by the Lumiere Brothers who invented one of the first movie cameras in 1895.  The piece premieres in San Francisco in November 2011, travels to NYC in January and to Ithaca, NY in February. 
This is a collaborative work with lighting designer Elaine Buckholtz and Cesar Award-winning composer Michael Galasso.  Using dance, sound, video and interactive lighting, the piece is a fantastical journey in which the Lumiere Brothers find themselves trapped inside their own films.  In conjunction with the performance, Cornell Cinema will present a series of films with musical scores composed by Michael Galasso.
In 2006, Kat Galasso recieved the Cornell University Undergraduate Artist Award, and presented dance piece, "It Works if You Work It."