Oct 24 - Oct 28 2011
My memory is magnificent for forgetting...

Tjaden Gallery, Olive Tjaden Hall
Opening reception: October 26, 5 - 7PM

Installation by College Scholar Meredith Gudesblatt (BA'12), College of Arts and Sciences. Photographs and analytic text examining the spatial remnants of collective memory in Buenos Aires. Gudesblatt created this photography exhibition to raise awareness and create dialogue about the nature of collective memory, specifically as it pertains to Buenos Aires and the lingering vestiges of the last military dictatorship (1976-1983). The photos are her own, taken while in Argentina during the fall semester of 2010. The photos will showcase political graffiti, mothers of the plaza de mayo, and spatial remnants of memory: ex-clandestine detainment centers, baldosas (floor tiles in the sidewalks commemorating the disappeared), and monuments.  An accompanying audio commentary was recorded by Gudesblatt's Argentine friend, Hernán Garchtrom. The artist hopes the event will spark dialogue about the nature of collective memory, Latin American history, generational narratives, and the idea of the city as a palimpsest.