May 12 2011
re-public is a beautiful word

10AM, Fine Arts Library, 261B, Sibley Hall
"re-public is a beautiful word" -- project by Stephanie Owens (Ithaca/USA) with Amitesh Grover (Delhi/India).  A real-time network event that re-imagines the global news media's view of "the people" in light of recent uprisings in the Middle East. The event takes form as a live, interactive exchange between people in Ithaca and people in a populous corner of Delhi, India. Together, using both the streets of India and the book collection in the Fine Arts Library as content, participants engage in dismantling the voyeuristic architecture of media journalism to build an ad hoc monument to the actual, intimate experience of the people connecting across the world.
The event lasts 1-hour and requires your involvement for the entire hour. Please come to FAL room 261B (in the back of the library to the right) at 9:30 am to learn guidelines for participation and to register your smart phone.

Requirements to participate:
1.5 hours of free time
a iphone or other web-enabled smart phone
An account with either Gmail, Flickr, or Facebook

Prior to the event:
Download Flickr on to your phone. It's free and available for download through iTunes or the App Store on your phone.