Apr 16 2011
Odyssey Works: New York

A 36 hour performance put together by composers, actors, musicians, conceptual artists, poets, visual artist, graphic designers, and others from New York City, Ithaca, and around the country, will be passing through the Cornell campus Saturday, April 16, 2011. This enormous performance starts in New York City at 8am and will be in Ithaca at 8pm.


We would like you to be a part of it. We are turning the campus into a living dream. There is no audience; we need you to come and be part of our dream; we will be meeting at Cornell's Risley Hall on North Campus and then caravaning out to the Plantations for a scene of consummate beauty. We will spread out in the fields of the plantations, dressed all in black, and hide while the person whose dream this is, who has been inside the performance for twelve hours so far, is awoken by the specter of the empty fields coming alive with starry lights (from flashlights).




Where: In front of Cornell's Risley Hall, Thurston Ave, Cornell's North Campus


When: 8:40pm, then caravaning to the Plantations (finish by 11pm)


How: Come dressed in Black, bring a flashlight, preferably an old-fashioned one with a bulb, but an LED will do. Headlamps are no good.


Why: To blow some minds.


More about Odyssey Works: