Oct 01 - Dec 22 2009
Economics: Art

Exhibit / Artist-in-Residence
Economics Art Gallery 404 Uris

Year-long exhibition of watercolor + pencil illustrations, and mixed-media installation pieces by illustrator Heather Layton. Installation illustrates the process of art production and experimentation.

LETTERS TO A NEW GENERATION is the first installation by a resident artist in the Economics Department. begins with blank walls and is a participatory performance– Layton will complete a painting and hang hundreds of small pockets made from international fabrics. Her painting will become part of the new permanent collection and remain on display in the department.  10.1–10.7 / Artist-in-Residence: Monday-Friday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
AND THEIR ALLOCATION features: Anthony Graves, Thomas Gokey, Amanda Hamilton, Michelle Illuminato, Nate Larson, Ed Marion, Lena Masur, Prantik Mazumder, Danielle Mericle, Peter Sheesley, Whitney Stansell, Stephanie Owens, and Jeff Wetzig. 10.1–12.4 / Gallery Hours: 9:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday (and by appointment)

Project conceived by Kaushik Basu, Don Opatrny Chair, Economics Department, and curated by artist Karen Brummund as an experiment in bridging creative art + scientific research within the same space.

Image: Beautiful Burden by Heather Layton, watercolor and tea on paper