Nov 06 2010
Alloy Orchestra: Metropolis + Masters of Slapstick

Cornell Cinema, Willard Straight Theatre. 7:30 PM

The Alloy Orchestra, a three-man ensemble, performs original scores for restored silent films.  On Saturday, November 6, they will perform a matinee of the program "Masters of Slapstick," (three short films by Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Laurel & Hardy), as part of Cornell Cinema's IthaKid Film Festival.  In the evening, Alloy Orchestra will perform to the 1927 restored film by Fritz Lang, METROPOLIS.
Directed by Fritz Lang with Alfred Abel, Brigitte Helm, Rudolf Klein-Rogge
The definitive restoration of Fritz Lang's dystopian epic about life and revolution in a futuristic city was made possible after 25 minutes of footage, long thought forever lost, was discovered in Argentina in 2008. Tonight the Alloy Orchestra returns for an encore performance of its updated original score for the legendary film, which received a standing ovation when it was performed at Cornell Cinema this summer. "Lang's work has finally re-emerged: in many respects a new film, neither smothered by over familiarity nor butchered by cutting." Lang had disowned the severely edited version, but the restoration - which primarily resurrects three key characters - "is a Fritz Lang film with all the director's visual complexity and drive (wedded to a Thea von Harbou script that, if it's kitsch, is kitsch that soars)." (Chris Fujiwara, Film Comment) More at

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