Oct 23 2010
Utopia in Four Movements with Sam Green + Dave Cerf

Cornell Cinema. 7:30 PM, Willard Straight Theatre. Live Performance!
Academy Award nominated documentarian Sam Green has teamed with sound artist Dave Cerf to create a moving performance – a live documentary – that investigates the meaning and status of idealism in contemporary culture.
Originally conceived as a work-in-progress for a still uncompleted film, Utopia has evolved instead into a one-of-a-kind stage show that threads together a century's worth of dizzying sounds and images into a deeply moving meditation on our world's seemingly shrinking idealism. Green, microphone in hand, prowls the stage, commenting on a collage of clips and still images that capture the hopes and dashed dreams of the last hundred years, moving deftly from an examination of the Esperanto movement (created by Jewish ophthalmologist Ludovic Zamenhof) to the world's largest (and largely empty) shopping mall-in communist China. A singular, poetic essay that stretches the very norms of the nonfiction genre, Utopia is by turns comic and wistful, and always thought-provoking." (San Francisco Jewish Film Festival) For this unusual cinematic performance, Brooklyn-based band The Quavers (www.shinylittlerecords.com) will join the aural landscape performing on guitar, trumpet, violin and vibraphone.

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