Apr 03 - Apr 09 2011
Tromp l'oeil

Tjaden Gallery
Jennifer Gioffre uses principles of physics and mathematics to create an image that explores the camera’s variable perceptions and the limitations of the human eye and its perception. A single montage is created from a collection of images using different focal length lenses.  The control (like the control in an experiment) within the final image is achieved by photographing a scene while keeping the subject the same magnification percentage in each individual image. Other montages are made by keeping the camera stationary and using time-lapse photography to record the change in movement, light and shadow.  

The final images create a sense of subtle disorientation that may or may not be apparent at first inspection.  Thoughts of peripheral vision, blind spots, loss of depth perception and visual tricks are brought to mind.   Inspiration for this project comes from Gioffre's interest in natural philosophy, physics, optics, and art, and more specifically, from David Hockneys book, Secret Knowledge; Sir Isaac Newton’s writings on natural philosophy and his book, Optika, Leonardo DaVinci, and Hugh Everett.