Feb 14 - Feb 26 2011
Double Take

Hartell Gallery
Eric Bernstein presents DOUBLE TAKE, an exhibition of five topographic landscape sculptures that simultaneously portray and reinterpret ten familiar works of art.  Using such iconic paintings as the Mona Lisa, 3D reliefs are fabricated to demonstrate the unexpected moment of lost familiarity and intense reinterpretation.  In plan view, the images are unchanged, but as you cross the room, extrusions increasingly deform the familiar icon. The show will also include 20 other recent works that are based on 2D images translated into 3D.

Through this exploration, Bernstein suggests that a change in perception can be found at the line between two-dimensional and three-dimensional representation. 

"This dividing line has taunted the architect in me for years, because it is this same stubborn line that separates an architectural plan from its seemingly unreachable three-dimensional product.  To apply this architectural notion to iconic works of two-dimensional art could potentially add a new level of both literal and abstract depth to the works, but more importantly demonstrate the vital idea that an iconic image is nothing more than an image.  As we know her, Mona Lisa is not a woman, she is a painting.  As soon as she turns her head, we lose her."