Mar 01 2011
Past Futures

Hartell Gallery / Spring 2011

Akshay Mehra (BARCH '11) presents the exhibition PAST FUTURES, an exploration of the technologies that welcomed in a brave new world and helped define the modern era - artifacts of high technology, already outdated and yet still objects of quintessential design. 

The Cold War era saw the rise of a new future, led by an arms race that had awesome technological repercussions.  The atmosphere ceased to be a barrier as man first broke free of gravity's reigns, and, later, landed on an entirely alien surface.  Computers - applied to both the task of defeating other countries and defeating chess grandmasters - cme into their own, heralding the rise of the electronic age.

On its most surface level, the exhibit is a series of canvas screenprints, with devices - ranging from the atom bomb to the Mercury capsul - removed from context, diagrammed, and redrawin in a clear architectural aesthetic.  Looking a bit deeper, it is also a history lesson, with placards explaining the cultural and technological impact of each piece, tying the past to present day in a concise manner.