Mar 29 - Apr 02 2010
Self-Consuming: An Exhibition of the Bloodline Pavilion

Tjaden Experimental Gallery / Opening April 5, 5PM
An installation by Caroline O'Donnell, lecturer in architecture, Cornell. Bloodline (or How to be Third), is designed to be a self-consuming grill pavilion.  As the barbeque is used, it will consume wood from its facade to reveal a new structure beneath. grounds of Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany.

A platonic solid clad with grillholz conceals a service space formed by stretching between two simple sections: a grill-window and an ashes-bench. A hyper-functional interior privileges the view of the server to frame the forest axis. The skin is consumed as the grill is used, gradually revealing the asymmetric fire-space.

Exhibited in Akademie Schloss Solitutde, September-November 2009