May 14 2010
Motion Portraits, Farmers + Agricultural Scientists

Cornell Cinema + Willard Straight Art Gallery, Dates TBA

Darren Floyd, Artist-In-Residence, Risley Residential College, Cornell University, 2009-2010

A series of 16mm film portraits of Cornell University agriculture scientists in their labratories and Ithaca area farmers/ranchers on their farms.  The series examines the complex debates happening around recent social shifts in our understanding of food science and production. Floyd's iinterest as an artist is in the form of the motion portrait, and in extending that form, pushing it into new and exciting territory. At this moment in time, farmers and agricultural scientists are interesting subjects. They are working daily at the crux of an impossibly complex set of issues. Motion portraiture can
uniquely capture, characterize, and depict the people and places at the center of the debate.

Darren Floyd works