Apr 12 2008
Axis of Equals

A festival of live performance featuring: Pharaoh's Daughter, Haale, Cornell Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Music Ensemble with Adam Matta, and special guests dancers: Kassar + Willow and Chandany + Teszia, artists who create, compose and dance to music that combines Middle Eastern and/or Jewish influences with a sensibility that is edgy and urban.
The festival will demonstrate numerous musical forms. Pharaoh's Daughter, led by Basya Schecter, combines traditional Jewish melodies and tones with modern jazz, rock and urban groove, creating an uplifting and communal sentiment in the audience. Haale draws her influences from Persian Sufi music, combined with a pop/rock sensibility and provides a captivating, hypnotic performance. The Cornell Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Music Ensemble will present music accompanied by Risley Hall Artist in Resident and beatboxer, Adam Matta. The night will open up into an exploration of funk and hip hop, with Adam Matta, joined by musicians from all the bands, and special guests, in the spirit of improvisation and collaboration.