Feb 01 - Feb 02 2008
Agbadza Workshop

Agbadza: Funeral Dance-Drumming of the Anlo-Ewe
A Two-Part Workshop in Music of West Africa

TORGBUI MIDAWO GIDEON FOLI ALORWOYIE is a former child prodigy who served in the 1960s and 1970s as the lead drummer in the Ghana National Dance Company, and is regarded as one of the eminent virtuosi of Ewe drumming.  Torgbui is presently a professor of percussion at the University of North Texas, where he leads UNT’s  African Percussion Ensemble.   DAVID LOCKE is an experienced teacher of African performance to non-Africans and a professor of ethnomusicology at Tufts University.  He has written three books on the percussive music of Ghana, and has been a student of Torgbui since 1975. 

These musicians have been working together since 1997 in studying the  relationship between song texts and drumming patterns in the Ewe funeral dance Agbadza, which they taught and discussed during the workshop, working with members of the Cornell World Drum and Dance Ensemble.