Sep 04 - Sep 05 2009
New Figurative Paintings from China

Tjaden Gallery

Wu Jianjun and Zhao Nengzhi, with Feng Boyi, critic, and Chen Fang, Director of the Fang Yin Gallery, Beijing.

Artists Wu Jianjun and Zhao Nengzhi represent a new generation of Chinese artists whose work is committed to sensational figuration.  A turn away from figurative representation association with metaphor and symbolism, this attitude represents a break from Chinese socialist and poetic traditions of figurations. 

 Curator Feng Boyi is known in China as the instigator of a contemporary art movement in Beijing, largely through the publication of a series of journals produced with artists Xu Bing and Ai Wei Wei.

Exhibition coordinated by Elisabeth Meyer, Dept. of Art, Cornell and Chen Xiaowen, Dept. of Art, Alfred University School of Art & Design.