Artists: Caio Barboza (Architecture), Joseph Kennedy (Architecture)Sonny Xu (Architecture)

Dates:  Sep 15, 2014 – Dec 10, 2014

Installation Location: Physical Sciences Building Atrium

Hours of accessibility: 9 AM - 5 PM

Paperthin is a mixed media installation that explores the inscrutability of phenomena at a nano scale. The adjective “paper-thin” is a commonly used to describe things whose thickness is difficult to measure and whose experience is shared through only a vague understanding of scale. The project approaches this dilemma of the representation of an inaccessible scale by stacking thousands of individual sheets of common printer paper to human scale where it functions as both pedestal and ruler.

A peephole in the side of the paper monolith reveals a video flyover of the nanoscale image of the paper as if it were a landscape or jungle. Through a nested association of various points of view on the same material, Paperthin seems to invert the typical relationship of scale model to actual space by showing how, in the representation of things at a nano scale, the position of model/simulation and subject are inverted making reality the representation of the nano realm, making it both viewable and inhabitable to the public.