Jonathan Wong, UAY 2009
Jonathan Wong '09, 2009 Award Recipient

For 2013-14, Cornell Council for the Arts will award a citation and award of $2,000 to a single distinguished undergraduate student in the arts.  The CCA selects from within the university an outstanding undergraduate student who has demonstrated talent, dedication, and who has realized notable achievements in one or more artistic disciplines while at Cornell.

Undergraduate students in their 3rd, 4th, or 5th year majoring in one or more arts-related disciplines are eligible for nomination by a CCA-affiliated department/unit.  Nominated artists shall have agreed in advance to a public presentation, lecture, exhibition, or performance of their work.  All nominated students must possess a demonstrated record of achievments and artistic excellence in their discipline of work.  Innovation and experimentation - as components of excellence, artistic rigor, the influential nature of the artist's work, and their commitment to engaging diverse audiences - are all considered in the nomination and selection of the award recipients.

Deadline for Nominations 2013-14:
Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nominations should be submitted to the CCA-affiliated department chair by a Cornell faculty member familiar with the student's work.   The letter should include the student’s name, course of study, and a description of why he or she should receive the Undergraduate Artist of the Year Award.  Multiple nominations in one department will be selected by the department chair and submitted to the CCA.  The final nominees will be contacted and asked to provide additional material to the CCA to support the nomination.

Self-nomination is not permitted.