Artists: Juan P. Hinestroza (Fiber Science and Apparel Design), So-Yeon Yoon (Design and Environmental Analysis)

Collaborator: Dr. Ruya Ozer (Fiber Science and Apparel Design)

Dates:  Sep 18, 2014 – Sep 29, 2014

Installation Location: College of Human Ecology Gallery, 2nd floor MVR hall next to the Dean’s office

Hours of accessibility: 9 AM - 4:30 PM

Nanowhere is a collaboration between Associate Professor Juan Hinestroza (Fiber Science and Apparel Design & Director of Graduate Studies, College of Human Ecology) and Associate Professor Se-Yeon Yoon (Design and Environmental Analysis & Director of Design-User Experience-Technology (DUET) Research Lab, College of Human Ecology) inspired by recent local controversies in the shale “fracking” industry to obtain methane and other natural gases from the land. Synthesizing special molecules, known as "nanomoieties" known for their finely tuned structure and chemistry, is a nanotechnology inspired by the artists’ shared interest in developing wearable, natural sensors to detect leaks or unwanted release of gases or chemicals. 

The collaborative installation that combines an interactive 3D simulation and a small transparent, sealed gas chamber showing the use of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) as sensors to detect methane gas. In the chamber, fibers coated with MOFs appear as naturally fluorescent when exposed to cycles of methane gas pumped into the enclosed, controlled space. Although nano scale is size, the phenomenon causing the glow of the fibers is expressed at real world scale.