Hear Me

SEPTEMBER 16, 2016
(panel discussion)
MARCH 11, 2017



“Hear Me” responds to the theme of this year’s CCA Biennial of empathy by redefining space and atmosphere between musicians and their audience. It addresses the clear boundary in classical music that imposes an uncomfortable distance between the musician and the audience, preventing dialogue and empathy towards the subtlety and expression that truly makes the music come alive.

Musically and spatially, the project breaks down the barrier and brings about a new form of intimacy where architecture, music, and people blur. As a result, the collaboration with orchestra director Chris Kim, composer Barry Sharp, and architecture student Min Keun Park brings about an inter-disciplinary effort to make the project possible. Staged in, and with many thanks to, the Johnson Museum of Art, the proposal is composed of musicians sitting on raised platforms, meeting the eye-level of the strolling audience to establish a strong visual connection.

The Johnson Museum as the site acts as the musical box composed of bleeding space between levels, where the composition invites each musician to freely express themselves within a series of set chords.  The audience, in parallel, participates in the improvisation by standing closer, sitting closer, and looking closer than ever before. Informality, irregularity, spontaneity, and multiplicity are brought together as a model for a new musical and spatial experience.



PROJECT BY: Min Keun Park

COLLABORATORS: Chris Younghoon Kim (Director of Orchestras), Barry Sharp (Composer) and the Cornell Chamber Orchestra

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