Images: (top, left to right) Carly Dean (B.Arch '14) and Peter Gudonis B.Arch '14), Illuminations Dance Troupe, Mia Kang (M.Arch '13) and James Blair (M.Arch '13), Elizabeth Corkery (M.F.A. '13), Katherine Somody (M.F.A. '13), Ellen Fullman; (bottom, left to right) Kyle Schumann (B.Arch '13) and Katie MacDonald (B.Arch '13), Raja'a Khalid (M.F.A. '13), Joanna Baucic (B.F.A. '14), Jose Andrée de Leon (M.F.A. '14), Melodramatics Theatre Company, Ferdinand Kohle and Maximilian Spielmann

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Grant applications are reviewed each cycle by the Grant Review Panel which consists of Cornell faculty members from the arts or art history. Each application is evaluated on the merits of project concept, impact (how it expands boundaries of a particular discipline), feasibility (location, budget, timeline), experience or expertise of applicant, and how it contributes to the understanding of the arts at Cornell. Successful applications will be announced within a week of the panel’s decision.

Project proposals may engage any singular art form or any mixture of art forms, but must be new work made or conceived outside of any regular academic or studio class. Students, faculty, departments and programs from each of Cornell’s twelve colleges are encouraged to apply with projects for which there is insufficient departmental funding or for work which could not be made or experienced without independent financial support. However, substantial artistic merit, rather than financial need, is the first priority of both the review panel and the CCA.


Each grant cycle, a panel of faculty members in the arts is convened to review all submitted applications. Applications are evaluated on the following criteria:

 Artistic Excellence:
— Quality of the artistic work and project concept
— Artistic significance of the project

Project Merit:
— Potential impact on the academic, artistic and cultural community
— Degree to which project expands boundaries of a particular discipline
— Potential for the project to achieve artist’s intended outcomes
— Feasibility of Project Scope
— Ap­propriateness of the budget and resources required
— Quality and clarity of the project goals and design
— Qualifications of the project’s organizers