Images: (top, left to right) Carly Dean (B.Arch '14) and Peter Gudonis B.Arch '14), Illuminations Dance Troupe, Mia Kang (M.Arch '13) and James Blair (M.Arch '13), Elizabeth Corkery (M.F.A. '13), Katherine Somody (M.F.A. '13), Ellen Fullman; (bottom, left to right) Kyle Schumann (B.Arch '13) and Katie MacDonald (B.Arch '13), Raja'a Khalid (M.F.A. '13), Joanna Baucic (B.F.A. '14), Jose Andrée de Leon (M.F.A. '14), Melodramatics Theatre Company, Ferdinand Kohle and Maximilian Spielmann

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The CCA Individual Grant Program awards $2,500 to faculty, departments and programs and $1,000 to students and student organizations (must be registered with SAFC or GPSAFC) for the development of original work and to support the visit of re-known artists and performers to Cornell.

The CCA welcomes grant proposals from individual artists, artists groups, and artistic collaborations. Proposals from non-artists are also welcome for projects that expand the boundaries of any given arts, design, or related discipline in a creative and culturally reflective way. Grants are intended to support and promote cultural activities outside of the applicant's regular academic requirements or responsibilities.

See our Grant Program Guidelines for submission specifications and information. Recently funded projects can be found under Project Archive.


The CCA awards grants to projects in four categories: Visual and Media Arts; Space and Installation Arts; Performance and Music Arts; and Writing and Literary Arts. Examples of the types of projects or media supported in each category include but are not limited to the following:

Visual and Media Arts:
Drawing, Illustration, painting, photography, printmaking, video, film, animation, interaction design, new media, data visualizations, software, apparel/fashion design.

Space and Installation Arts:
Indoor/outdoor installations, sculpture, site-specific works, interactive environments, architectural design, industrial design, interior design, lighting design, stage set design, curated exhibitions, festivals, workshops, and screenings.

Performance and Music Arts:
Choreography, composition, conducting, directing, movement and dance, musical and vocal perfor­mance, performance art, and theatrical perfor­mance.

Writing and Literary Arts:
Creative writing, poetry, prose, literary performance, poetry/book readings, student literary publications, and scriptwriting.

We encourage anyone considering applying for a CCA grant to contact the CCA office to inquire about the feasibility of a project proposal or to seek guidance about how to best prepare your application. The CCA office can be reached at: (607) 255-7274 or by emailing us at: