APRIL 18 - APRIL 22, 2016

An exhibition by artist and organizer Caroline Woolard, entitled, Free, Libre, Open Source Systems and Art (FLOSSA) will occupy both galleries of AAP's Olive Tjaden Hall in a special one week-long exhibition that transforms the gallery space into an active site of production, discourse and exchange.

Woolard will create a series of large sculptural objects with Cornell students in March 2016 which will be on display for the Free, Libre, Open Source Systems and Art (FLOSSA) exhibition in April. The co-created sculptures will then be exhibited this September 2016 as part of a larger, campus-wide exhibition.

In her 2012 “Proposal for a Free/Libre/Open Art, Woolard suggests that freedom in art comes from the viewer’s freedom and provides four essential freedoms that a make a work of art free:

The freedom to use the art, for any purpose (freedom 0);

The freedom to study how the art works, and change it so it does as you wish (freedom 1);

The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor (freedom 2);

The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others (freedom 3);

Download and read  Caroline Woolard's “Proposal for a Free/Libre/Open Art” (published in Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus, CAA, Special ISEA 2012 Machine Wilderness Edition).

Woolard's artworks reflect the conditions of their own production. As a founding member of BFAMFAPhD.com and resource-sharing networks OurGoods.org and TradeSchool.coop, Woolard focuses on collaboration and cooperative exchange in her conceptual and productive processes, extending the viewer's understanding of authorship and arts practice in the 21st century.

Woolard has had a visible impact on current discussions around the value of art education in an age of exorbitant student debt, and has contributed to new models of socially-engaged art practice through her hosting of on-going programs with peer artists and non-artists that unite policy-makers, educators, curators, gallerists, laborers, housing developers, and government officials among others to expose the interdependent relationships necessary to sustaining a life as an artist.




For any questions or considerations concerning the FLOSSA exhibition, please contact Mariko Azis, Curatorial Assistant, at cca_staff@cornell.edu.