AAP Gallery Spaces
John Hartell Gallery
Milstein Hall Gallery
The Bibliowicz Family Gallery
Sibley Dome
Olive Tjaden Gallery
Experimental Studio

Human Ecology Gallery Spaces
Jill Stuart Gallery (HumEc. Projects Only)
Human Ecology Building Atrium and Lobby (Public Space)
MVR 166N, Gallery and Reception Space (Public Space)

Other Galleries
Johnson Museum of Art
The Willard Straight Hall (WSH) Art Gallery
Albert R. Mann Library Gallery
Willard Straight Art Gallery

Music + Theatre Performance Spaces
Bailey Hall 
Barnes Hall Auditorium
Uris Hall 
Barton Hall 
Lincoln Hall
Schwartz Performing Arts Center
Statler Auditorium
Willard Straight Hall Memorial Room

Outdoor Spaces
Ho Plaza
Cornell Plantations
Human Ecology Terrace Courtyard