Creative projects listed under EVENTS + EXHIBITIONS are funded in part with a grant from the Cornell Council for the Arts.

The CCA awards grants to Cornell Faculty, Departments, Programs, Student Organizations, and Student Artists to support creative art projects that engage any singular art form or any mixture of art forms, and may be exhibited, presented, or performed in on-campus as well as off-campus venues.

(Check back frequently, as events are continually being added.)

Apr 21
Aug 12

Shifting Ground presents a survey of landscapes from mid– to late–twentieth century American art. As imagined representations of place, landscapes are always mediated through artists. This exhibition explores how artists connected with and conceptualized landscape during this period. The works selected examine the significance of constructed place and the natural world by investigating landscape as a changing entity.

Apr 22
Apr 29

From Land to Land is a video installation that explores the varied struggles of the immigrant experience in the United States during the Trump Administration.

Apr 27
May 05

Mr. Burns, a post-electric play, begins with eight friends gathered around a fire. As they slowly piece together the story, it is revealed that they are escaping from the nuclear fallout of an unnamed apocalyptic event.

Apr 28

PULSE is Yamatai's dynamic annual concert, where we showcase to the Ithaca community our hardwork, artistic vision, and love for taiko drumming. 

May 01
May 05

The _NO_PHONE Booth, a place to experience the archaic technology of the camera obscura we experience everyday through our computer to our cell phone screen, is the second iteration of the camera obscura

May 02

Film is a migratory medium that has traveled across the globe ever since the Lumière Brothers first  brought  the world to the world in their films from 1895. More than a century later Shifting Frames: Migration and the Movies in India shows audiences and owners of Indian cinema halls are also migratory.

May 03

Surviving the High is a short documentary film that explores the evolving approach to drug policy and addiction in Ithaca, New York. 

May 05

The Cornell Chorus & Glee Club collaborate with six world-class vocal soloists and thirty professional early music specialists drawn from around the country to present J. S. Bach’s monumental St. Matthew Passion. This epic, heartfelt oratorio has often been called the single greatest work in the western canon, yet it has not been performed on our campus in over sixty years.