Tim Murray

Tim Murray

Artistic verve lifts the spirits of the Cornell community as it reverberates across the campus. The vibrant proliferation of color, sounds, moving image, landscape, and built environment infects Big Red classrooms, exhibit halls, gardens, and labs. Imaginative intersections in art, music, performance, and design draw their inspiration from Cornell’s historical commitment to mixing creative inspiration with speculative endeavors in research, design, and pedagogy. The Ithaca campus boasts the world class Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, as well as extensive curatorial programs in new media art, hip hop, books arts, photography, film, fabric, sound, and landscape. What’s more, our internationally lauded centers of research in music, performance, film, writing, and computing infuse creative energy into our leading pedagogical programs across the fields of architecture, design, the fine arts, engineering, and the sciences.

Creation, Research, Theory, Design, Pedagogy. These artistic keywords exemplify the fabric of the Cornell Council for the Arts whose mission is to broaden the tapestry of the arts across the Cornell campuses in Ithaca, New York, Rome, and beyond, while expanding the impact and influence of Cornell artistic creativity and research throughout the nation and the globe. CCA’s sponsored projects and its international Art Biennial blend traditional strengths in classical practices such as painting, sculpting, composing, writing, acting, and designing with emergent research that brings artistic vision into contact with the latest developments in technology, computing, biology, sustainability, media, and the critical and cultural pathways forged in the humanities and social sciences. Through CCA the arts are networked anew across Cornell and the broader electronic highway. We invite Cornellians to breath the arts. 

CCA formally supports the creative and performative hubs of the Johnson Museum, Cornell Cinema, and the Cornell Concert Commission, while encouraging artistic creation in architecture, performance, design, media arts, and creative writing. Our grants, performances, and exhibitions open exciting paths of collaboration with the University’s distinguished interdisciplinary centers in technology, ornithology, sustainability, biology, computing, engineering, the humanities and social sciences. CCA also celebrates the inventive dynamism of the arts that lies at the core and fabric of all of Cornell’s professional research endeavors, whether through inventive chemical mixtures of paint, emergent interfaces in computing, visual and aural interfaces of landscape and nature, stunning imaging in science and astronomy, or electrifying folds of media projection and bold shapes of architectural surface.  

We invite the Cornell community to join us in intensifying the Big Red artistic verve. Artistic inspiration breeds thought; imaginative creativity breeds innovation; and aesthetic pleasure breeds energy.