CCA GRANTS: 25 Years (1985 - 2010)

The CCA Grant Program has supported the the creation and promotion of the arts on campus for the last 25 years.  As a  celebration of lives touched and creativity inspired, the CCA has compiled a catalog history of all the artists, programs and departments whose received a grant.

We continue to hear from many recipients who express not only the importance of seed money they received, but of validation that comes from independent jury of their work within an equitable and competitive process. The grant program has provided an educational and mentoring component for emerging artists in the form of grant-writing and often was an initial step for a young artist to realize his/her potential as an artist.

The thousands of projects compiled in this catalogue were made possible, in part or solely, by a grant from the CCA, the sheer scale of which reflects impact the CCA has had on the visibility of the arts across the campus and beyond. CCA faculty and staff who sponsored these projects provided countless hours to mentor students, review proposals and work collectively toward the advancement of the arts.

Limited copies are available by contacting the CCA office at: