The CCA supports numerous arts-related events and projects each year.. Documentation from grant-supported projects completed and presented, artist award presentations, and CCA-initiated projects are archived, including exhibitions, performances, lectures, individual artist and department-generated projects, concerts, installations, and publications.

Listed below is a sample of projects supported by the CCA from 2001 to 2017.

Mar 22 - Mar 24 2012
Composer and Performer Pauline Oliveros

Barnes Hall
Visiting distinguished composer and performer Pauline Oliveros, a pioneer of art music and live electronic music performance, will give a concert, public talk and public interview with Cornell faculty member Ben Piekut (Musicology of experimental music).  The concert will include a performance by Cornell Avant-Garde Ensemble (CAGE), an electroacoustic free improvisation ensemble, with Professor Oliveros.
Pauline Oliveros defines a new sensibility in both listening and music making.  With her 1974 work Sonic Meditations, she initiated a new revolutionary kind of musical consiousness she called Deep Listening, an awareness of the environment and of the spaces of life as musical.  This visit coincides with her 80th birthday and is organized by Kevin Ernste, assistant professor in Cornell Electroacoustic Music Center.