The CCA supports numerous arts-related events and projects each year.. Documentation from grant-supported projects completed and presented, artist award presentations, and CCA-initiated projects are archived, including exhibitions, performances, lectures, individual artist and department-generated projects, concerts, installations, and publications.

Listed below is a sample of projects supported by the CCA from 2001 to 2017.

Nov 01 - Dec 01 2009
Intersections: The Grand Concourse Beyond 100

Bronx Museum of the Arts, NYC

Installation of wind turbine towers, scaled as sculptural models, as part of a competition organized by The Design Trust for Public Space and The Bronx Museum of the Arts. Taking their inspiration from New York’s official City Seal, which features the sails of Dutch windmills,the Philadelphia-based design firm Austin+Mergold, LLC, (Jason Austin, Adjunct Faculty at the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University, and Aleksandr Mergold, Visiting Faculty at Cornell University) propose a series of open-structure towers supporting wind turbines all along the Grand Concourse. These structures, which also support elevated cafes, gardens, and observation decks, would be a new kind of civic monument—a series of Eiffel Towers for the 21st century, which would become signature landmarks for the Bronx, but also serve as a vital part of the urban infrastructure.

New York Times / Grand Concourse and Beyond 100