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Applications for projects for Fall 2019/Spring 2020 are now being accepted. Deadline is April 12.


The CCA awards grants to projects in four categories: Visual and Media Arts; Space and Installation Arts; Performance and Music Arts; and Writing and Literary Arts. Examples of the types of projects or media supported in each category include but are not limited to the following:

Visual and Media Arts:
Drawing, illustration, painting, photography, printmaking, video, film, animation, interaction design, new media, data visualizations, software, and apparel/fashion design.

Space and Installation Arts:
Indoor/outdoor installations, sculpture, site-specific works, interactive environments, architectural design, industrial design, interior design, lighting design, stage set design, curated exhibitions, festivals, workshops, and screenings.

Performance and Music Arts:
Choreography, composition, conducting, directing, movement and dance, musical and vocal perfor­mance, performance art, and theatrical perfor­mance.

Writing and Literary Arts:
Creative writing, poetry, prose, literary performance, poetry/book readings, student literary publications, and scriptwriting.

(Includes faculty approval, budget guidelines and credit to the CCA)

Faculty/Department/Program Applicants:
Applications from Faculty, Departments and Programs are required to secure matching funds from the initiating sponsor of the event. Faculty proposals must include approval from their Department Chair.

Student/Student Organization Applicants:
All student proposals must be reviewed for approval by a faculty member relevant to the proposed project.

All Applicants:
The CCA provides funding for materials and fees directly related to create and produce the proposed project. Travel expenses are supported only for visiting artists. Reception, food and beverage costs are not funded. Equipment or software purchases are also not funded. Applicants must be part of the Cornell community through project completion.

All publicity for CCA-sponsored events must give credit for CCA sponsorship (see Grantee Resources).


1. Read Program Description and Application Guidelines. 
Applications for project proposals are submitted via SlideRoom. A few important things to remember so that your project meets grant criteria:

• Research the exhibition or performance space you propose to guarantee availability and requirements for use.

• Student applicants must obtain the signature of a faculty member. A signature from a faculty member means that the faculty member has knowledge of the student's work and capacity to complete the project as proposed. The faculty member's signature means he or she has thoroughly reviewed the application and supports it.

2. Create an account on SlideRoom.
Applicants will need to create an account on the CCA's SlideRoom page in order to begin the application process. Please contact the CCA if you have any questions.

3. Complete application form.
Each application submission includes the following components:

— Applicant Profile (including on-page artistic resume / biography per artist / presenter / group)

— Project Proposal: 500-word narrative describing proposed project, key people involved, the artistic merit and significance of the project to the community, and production schedule

— Budget Form (see #4 below)

— Representative examples of past work (see #5 below)

4. Complete the budget form.
The budget form is a requirement of the grant application. The budget worksheet must be downloaded (.xlsx or .pdf), filled out, and uploaded back into the SlideRoom application.

5. Upload media.
Images (up to 5 MB each), Video (up to 60 MB each), Audio (up to 30 MB each) and PDFs (up to 10 MB each). You may also link to media from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud.

Visual and Media Arts: DVD with up to 8 high-resolution (largest size possible) images (jpg/jpeg) of work captioned with title, date, medium, size

Space and Installation: Draft sketch or conceptual diagram of proposed project with up to 8 high-resolution (largest size possible) images (jpg/jpeg) of work captioned with title, date, medium, size

Performance and Music: Up to 3 works of music or performance

Writing and Literary Arts: Up to 2 written works of up to 3 pages each (pdf). Printed publications or longer texts may be excerpted and presented in 3 pages.

We encourage anyone considering applying for a CCA grant to contact the CCA office to inquire about the feasibility of a project proposal or to seek guidance about how to best prepare your application. The CCA office can be reached at (607) 255-7274 or