Nov 12
Dec 17 2016

This project is investigating a potential professional model in the university setting and will show how commitments and motivations balance and drive us outside of our classes. Being on constant display in a fishbowl, and recorded through a live stream video like zoo animals, this exhibition will showcase the unknown process and mysterious production that goes into the pieces normally shown in galleries.

Nov 07
Nov 11 2016

REVEAL || CONCEAL introduces a less familiar art of the West African masquerade, presented in a way that permits visitors into what is considered to be a culturally sacred space. In essence, by encountering the installation, visitors must embrace a willingness to adopt an experience of otherness; both as onlookers and as active participants.

Oct 29
Mar 01 2016

The earthwork installation, Ah-Theuh-Nyeh-Hah: The Planting Moon, created by the artist Associate Professor Jolene Rickard (Tuscarora) is a site-specific artwork, performance, and the model of an embodied Indigenous research methodology that are contextualized and can be accessed through the smart phone media application. The installation is based on the Haudenosaunee agricultural and cosmological knowledge. 

Sep 29
Dec 03 2016

The Department of Fiber Science and Apparel Design celebrates our centennial by honoring the legacy of Professor Beulah Blackmore, the first full-time clothing and textiles faculty member at Cornell.

Sep 16 2016

The Lebanese artist Teresa Diehl will be talking with curator Sara Garzón about her exhibition titled “Revolution,” a light and sound installation providing a sensorial experience that metaphorically places the viewer in the place of conflict.

Aug 22
Sep 16 2016

This exhibition examines links between childhood play with building blocks and morphologies embraced by architectural pedagogy and professional practice. 

Apr 16
Jul 24 2016

The History of Art Majors’ Society provides Cornell undergraduates with the opportunity to collaborate with the Museum in curating and organizing an exhibition. This year, 15 Minutes employs the Johnson’s vast photography collection to explore the construction, preservation, and exhaustion of fame.

Apr 08
Aug 15 2016

The Biggest Little Fashion City: Ithaca & Silent Film Style is a multi-media exhibit of historic costume, ephemera, and silent film clips, all highlighting the intersection of fashion and film.