Space in Friction

In space in friction, two performers (etc,) activate two large custom made instruments—made from aluminum panels and PVC tubes—with their bodies and their movements. This performance is part of an exhibition of sound-based performance art that explores the space of the gallery with different sounds mapping it with acoustic phenomena. ETC, (Barry Sharp and Sergio Cote) began performing together two years ago out of love for creating things without boundaries. We value ideas over judgment; growth over tradition; and an integrated exploration of sound over artistic divisiveness. We collaborate. We experiment. We dare ourselves to go further into a situation in each performance. We perform using everyday objects in combination with broken and custom made instruments, improvisation, and extreme durations.

  • Sergio Cote Barco
  • April 8 & 10, 2020
  • Olive Tjaden Gallery
  • Performance & Music
  • Sergio Cote Website