Memorandum of Understanding

Milan Taylor & Tim Green

B.A. '24, Cornell CAS; B.F.A. '24, Cornell AAP

  • March 24–28, 2024

  • John Hartell Gallery, Sibley Hall

Milan Taylor is an anthropologist and archaeologist, and this will be her first art installation. In her work, she analyzes archival theory and the merits of what is saved, as well as developing a methodology of archaeological performance and the excavation of feeling. This entry into new landscapes for research and personal impact will undoubtedly improve her primary practice. She has a long history as a dancer and mover and uses her body to think and connect deeply with both real and imagined environments.

Tim Green is an artist, primarily focused on painting and drawing with an extensive background in durational visual works. His previous group show, Cave Painting 2, saw him and a collaborator living in Olive Tjaden Gallery for five days, drawing on the walls. Originally a graffiti writer, much of his work explores the intersections between graffiti and drawing, pain and pleasure. As an avid writer, he hopes to expand his performance repertoire beyond drawing alone.

The artists will occupy John Hartell Gallery from Sunday to Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm. Tim and Milan will silence themselves; electing to share their streams of consciousness exclusively through writing on canvas for the entire duration. Viewers will have the opportunity to influence their process by writing questions or comments on a small notecard and leaving it in a box for the artists to engage with.

This is a meditation on memory, vulnerability, and interconnectedness.

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