Space + Installation

Adam Shulman
What is That Outside of Schwartz!?
For many Cornellians, sunbathing on the patio outside of Schwartz Performing Arts Center is a quintessential memory of joyful warm days in Ithaca. Yet, despite its location in the busiest and loudest part of Collegetown, very few people would linger...
Eder Muniz
Botanic Gardens mural nurtures connections with plants
In addition to its natural splendor, Cornell Botanic Gardens now boasts an outdoor art installation: a two-story mural, created in September 2019 by Brazilian street artist Eder Muniz. “A Dança Da Natureza” (The Dance of Nature) incorporates nature, a human figure, animals...
TEXTURE Exhibit Invites Patrons Into a World of Tactile Textiles
Cornellians can now immerse themselves in a world of fabric and feel their way through a new exhibit called TEXTURE, hosted by the Cornell Costume and Textile Collection. TEXTURE displays 22 items in cases as well as touchable pieces of...
Art You’re a Part of: Polyphony at the John Hartell Gallery
Underneath the Sibley dome, adjacent to the College of Architecture, Art and Planning Dean’s Office, is Polyphony. It is an interactive art installation designed by Liu (Leo) Jingyang ’15, Shining (Christina) Sun ’17 and Yue Gu ’16 — all current or...