Nov 12
Nov 16 2018

William Jihrel Smith: Blank is an exhibition of painting and sculpture exploring ideas of lightness and darkness; black and white; presence and absence; application and removal; and the ways and which they operate in and for art spaces.

May 03 2018

Surviving the High is a short documentary film that explores the evolving approach to drug policy and addiction in Ithaca, New York. 

May 02 2018

Film is a migratory medium that has traveled across the globe ever since the Lumière Brothers first  brought  the world to the world in their films from 1895. More than a century later Shifting Frames: Migration and the Movies in India shows audiences and owners of Indian cinema halls are also migratory.

Apr 25 2018

Tony was selling candy and gum in eighth grade when strangers approached him and gave him a bag of rolled “joints” to sell. From there he became a major dealer.

Apr 09
Apr 22 2018

What We’re Made Of is a textile and apparel design exhibition that uses only 100% biodegradable natural fibers, dyes, and findings. Looking at her own personal history, present, and future, as well as diving into the cyclical nature of existence, she asks the question, what are we made of? 

Mar 19
Apr 20 2018

This exhibition presents Michael Ashkin's recent work consisting of sculptures and photographs that reflect the urban landscape of Berlin as one of voids, liminality, and conflict.

Mar 10 2018

The Cornell Fashion Collective will present its 34th annual spring fashion show, highlighting the work of over 50 design students.