Karrabing Film Collective – 2022 Cornell Biennial




Karrabing Film Collective (Australia)

Karrabing consists of over 50 members, all but one Indigenous stakeholders for the land, with ages from new-born to elder. The Karrabing Indigenous Corporation seeks to integrate their parents and grandparents ways of life into their contemporary struggles to educate their children, create economically sustainable cultural and environmental businesses, and support their homeland centres.

Karrabing Indigenous Corporation’s success, we believe, comes from an openness to the actual rhythms of everyday life in the small rural community where most Karrabing reside. By encouraging our younger members to take artistic leads and refusing to abide by external production protocols, Karrabing have found that the interest of younger members in the lands from which the linguistic knowledge emerges has increased exponentially. The group already has about ten young members between the ages of 15-30 who are emerging as Karrabing leaders.

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