Giselle Hobbs

Anti Biome

Bioart Exhibition

  • Aug 29 - Sep 2, 2022
    8a-4:30p M-F
    Olive Tjaden Experimental Gallery

  • @giselle.hobbs

“Anti Biome”

The most pressing environmental concerns today are linked to air pollution and the degradation of the ozone layer; the vanishing of ozone leads to increased exposure to UV radiation, which can cause DNA mutations. Anti Biome seeks to understand the effects of these issues at the cellular level through a bio-art exhibition created in collaboration with the Botanic Gardens, the Department of Plant Sciences, and the Lab of Ornithology.

The microscopic, continual renewal of cells is a commonality that translates across living organisms, from the tiniest plant to the largest animal. In medieval times, all living entities were regarded as microcosms or small universes that mirrored the structure of the macrocosm. By searching the minute one can form an understanding of the entirety of creation. Through this project, Anti Biome, the viewer will be able to physically enter this space of constant, cyclical change and visualize the unseen processes that affect our daily lives. The project will analyze growth patterns, cyclical bodily processes, and commonalities between humans, animals, and plants. Understanding these subjects creates a space for a larger discussion of the body, its existence in relation to time, its cultural significance, and the interconnectivity of life forms.

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