Undergraduate Artist of the Year

Andrew Borgya
Writer Andrew Boryga ’13 earns Undergraduate Artist honor
Described by Cornell faculty in English as a major literary talent with great career potential, Andrew Boryga ’13 has been selected the Undergraduate Artist of the Year for 2012-13, the...
Dorian Bandy
DORIAN BANDY: Undergraduate Artist Award Recipient 2009-10
DORIAN KOMANOFF BANDY (BFA MUSIC '10): 2009 Undergraduate Artist Award recipient THE CORNELL UNIVERSITY ARTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD is a monetary citation presented annually to an undergraduate in arts and...
Jonathan Wong '08
JON WONG: Undergraduate Artist Award recipient 2008-09
Jonathan Wong '08, winner of the 2008-09 Undergraduate Artist Award from the Cornell Council for the Arts, will present a collaborative performance piece, "The Same Dance 4 Times," April 8...