Dec 08 2007

Cornell Cinema presents the 1922 silent film classic "Robin Hood" with live performance by early music quartet Hesperus as part of the IthaKid Film Fest. Cornell Cinema / Robin Hood with Hesperus

Apr 06 2007

A DOCUMENTARY PORTRAIT OF PHOTOGRAPHER SALLY MANN BY FILMMAKER STEVEN CANTOR What Remains is a stunning portrait of a national treasure. Sally Mann has been described as 'America's greatest photographer’ and this richly textured film serves to re-inforce the claim. Spanning five years, Cantor's film contains unbridled access to the many stages of Mann's work. What Remains is a rare glimpse of an eloquent and brilliant artist." (Lisa Viola, Sundance Film Festival).  With live...

Feb 01 2007

Syau-Cheng Lai: Painting exhibition and piano performance. Concert: February 2007, Barnes Hall Exhibition: February 2007, Tjaden Gallery  

Jan 20
Mar 18 2007

H.F. Johnson Museum of Art Internationally acclaimed Chinese artist Gu Wenda exhibits a site-specific installation of his "Forest of Stone Steles: Re-Translation and Re-writing of Tang Poetry."