Sep 12 2004

Exhibition of Cuban movie posters designed by Cuban graphic artists during the 1960s and 1970s. Hartell Gallery

Aug 01 2004

By Jenifer Wightman. Installation of pigmented bacteria illustrating transforming colorfield.

Apr 05
Apr 10 2004

Series of five paintings by Shu-Fang Liu representing abstract spatial relationships and architectural spatial sequence. Also featuring Corning Museum of Glass and additional works.

Apr 03
Jun 13 2004

Contemporary Taiwanese Art in the Era of Contention Exhibition curated by An-Yi Pan, assistant professor of art history, Cornell University. Exhibition examines contemporary Taiwanese visual culture through the lenses of political identity and historical memory. Symposium with leading scholars on contemporary Chinese art and post-modern cultural theories from Taiwan & U.S. explores topics integral to the exhibition. Part of the "Art & Politics/Politics & Art"...

Apr 01
Jun 01 2004

Reflecting on Tianjin's 600 years of urban and social history. Exhibition of 90-110 objects from collections covering Tianjin's years between 1880-1950.

Feb 28
Mar 13 2004

Exhibition of multi-media photographs by Anne Massoni, Individual Artist.

Feb 22
Feb 28 2004

Photography exhibition by Nicola Kountoupes. Photo essay documentary of close-up portraits of the artist's grandmother.

Jan 25
Jan 30 2004

Photography exhibition by Stafford Smith. Greek-mythology-themed portraits investigating the identity of men and the acquisition of "stuff."

Jan 01
Mar 01 2004

Eight films from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Krygyzstan and Tadjikistan. MY BROTHER SILK ROAD and THE FLY-UP by Marat Sarulu, Kyrgyzstan / Kazakhstan  MARTIN SCORSESE PRESENTS: THE FALL OF OTRAR by Ardak Amirkulov, Kazakhstan MAN FOLLOWS BIRDS by Ali Khamraev, Uzbekistan THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW by Khodjakuli Narliev, Turkmenistan TENDERNESS by Elyer Ishmukhamedov, Uzbekistan KAIRAT by Darezhan Omirbaev, Kazakhstan (preceeded by JULY / SCHILDE by Darezhan Omirbaev,...