Nov 30 2010

Bailey Plaza / Nov. 30, 2010 Arnold Borden Edgerton presents BAMBOO INTERVENTIONS on Cornell's Bailey Plaza.  Using bamboo as an unconventional material for artistic expression and discussion, one can see the adaptability that the material offers, as well as its potential to be crafted into an interactive element in spatial design.  These spatial interventions direct focus toward the existing site program.  Bailey Plaza could be inhabited by oversized bamboo figure models...

Nov 06 2010

Cornell Cinema, Willard Straight Theatre. 7:30 PM The Alloy Orchestra, a three-man ensemble, performs original scores for restored silent films.  On Saturday, November 6, they will perform a matinee of the program "Masters of Slapstick," (three short films by Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Laurel & Hardy), as part of Cornell Cinema's IthaKid Film Festival.  In the evening, Alloy Orchestra will perform to the 1927 restored film by Fritz Lang,...

Oct 23 2010

Cornell Cinema. 7:30 PM, Willard Straight Theatre. Live Performance! Academy Award nominated documentarian Sam Green has teamed with sound artist Dave Cerf to create a moving performance – a live documentary – that investigates the meaning and status of idealism in contemporary culture. Originally conceived as a work-in-progress for a still uncompleted film, Utopia has evolved instead into a one-of-a-kind stage show that threads together a century's worth of dizzying sounds and...

Oct 18 2010

"Luminous Walls" Lecture by Thomas Schielke: Monday, October 18, 2010, 4:30 PM, G73 MVR Thomas Schielke is an expert in lighting design and technology. Luminous walls: From grazing light via modernist wallwashing to pixelated planes Luminous walls belong to the essential repertoire of qualitative lighting design. With light, spaces can be defined and reinterpreted. Illuminated walls allow us to provide orientation and to perceive the form and dimension of space. Further, their...

Oct 10
Nov 13 2010

Mann Library Gallery / Oct. 10 - Nov. 12, 2010 Robert Andrade presents (A) TOPOS, a large sculptural environment in the Mann Library gallery.  The project conveys ideas of the labyrinth, city planning, and landscape architecture. These three facets share a common theme of form and the inherent element of control, fragmentary or overt, embedded within their design.  The experiential quality is imposed on the social by various means and multiple strata of the everyday. Functioning as...

Apr 26 2010

Ithaca Children's Garden, Route 89, Ithaca, NY Installation of sound-oriented playground by Maureen Bolton (MLA '10), Rachel Kunreuther (MLA '10), and Gwendolyn Ellman (MLA '11). Design and construction of sound-oriented playground with multiple areas of interest: sound art, playspace design, music composition and exploration. Audio

Apr 05
Apr 09 2010

Arts Quad / April 2010 An Installation by Yehre Suh, visiting critic, architecture, Cornell LANDSCAPE STORIES, is a site installation of three greenhouse structures that will contain various artifacts and plant materials to represent three narratives on nature. The greenhouses will be filled with plant specimens that are representative of the research contents and equipment of the various academic departments at Cornell related to the studies of...

Mar 29
Apr 02 2010

Tjaden Experimental Gallery / Opening April 5, 5PM An installation by Caroline O'Donnell, lecturer in architecture, Cornell. Bloodline (or How to be Third), is designed to be a self-consuming grill pavilion.  As the barbeque is used, it will consume wood from its facade to reveal a new structure beneath. grounds of Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany. A platonic solid clad with grillholz conceals a service space formed by stretching between two simple sections: a grill-window and an...

Feb 15
Feb 19 2010

February 15 - 19, 2101, Tjaden Gallery AUSTIN + MERGOLD present The Grand (and other) Resources, a series of musings on the theme of legacy infrastructure, energy sources in cities, agro-industrial complex, construction waste, and joyous wooden decks.