Nov 01
Dec 01 2009

Bronx Museum of the Arts, NYC Installation of wind turbine towers, scaled as sculptural models, as part of a competition organized by The Design Trust for Public Space and The Bronx Museum of the Arts. Taking their inspiration from New York’s official City Seal, which features the sails of Dutch windmills,the Philadelphia-based design firm Austin+Mergold, LLC, (Jason Austin, Adjunct Faculty at the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University, and Aleksandr Mergold, Visiting Faculty...

Oct 01
Dec 22 2009

Exhibit / Artist-in-Residence Economics Art Gallery 404 Uris Year-long exhibition of watercolor + pencil illustrations, and mixed-media installation pieces by illustrator Heather Layton. Installation illustrates the process of art production and experimentation. LETTERS TO A NEW GENERATION is the first installation by a resident artist in the Economics Department. begins with blank walls and is a participatory performance– Layton will complete a painting and hang hundreds of small...

Sep 08
Oct 11 2009

Tjaden Gallery Lindsey Glover, staff in the Department of Art, presents a video installation that examines the patterns of a local greenhouse ecosystem.  The video and sound installation will reinvent the greenhouse within a new space, repositioning it with an ocean.

Mar 23 2009

Eden Gallanter presents drawings and sculptures exploring the ecological and iterative nature of civilization.