Nov 20
Dec 01 2017

Tendederos consists of the creation of an immersive site-specific installation, by Gabriel Ramos (MFA’18), about the visual layering and distortion of forms through the process of recollection.

Nov 17 2017

The following program seeks to juxtapose traditional Indian classical art forms with their modern, modified counterparts to explore how the culture is preserved in a place like Cornell University.

Nov 13
Nov 26 2017

Can the act of drawing encompass transcription, translation, and even construction?

Nov 10
Nov 18 2017

In this biting political satire of Shakespeare's tragedy by renowned Syrian poet and playwright Mamduh Adwan, Hamlet is a narcissistic prince, blissfully unaware of his people's bleak reality. Distracted by drink and theatre rehearsals, Hamlet fails to notice the rise of a brutal plutocratic dictatorship.

Nov 05
Nov 11 2017

An extended Meditation on seeing, Let me Look at You asks the questions, What does it mean to see? What does it mean to be seen?

Oct 29
Nov 18 2017

Re-Formation: A celebration of music as a catalyst for social change in honor of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses

Oct 27
Oct 29 2017

Escape from the Archive is a weekend-long symposium on the staging of history through theatre and performance. This free and public event will gather scholars and artists to explore how theatre and performance serve as generative sites of encountering and reanimating the past.

Oct 15 2017

Bharatanatyam couple Renjith and Vijna are not only powerful dancers, but one of the most sought after dancing couples in India. Join Renjith and Vijna for a Traditional Bharatanatyam dance performance called the ‘margam,’ consisting of a set of seven items performed in order.

Sep 27
Sep 28 2017

Afrofuturist musician Moor Mother (Camae Ayewa) speaks about her debut record "Fetish Bones" and her activism as an integral member of Girls Rock Philly and co-founder of the Black Quantum Futurism collective.

Sep 22
Sep 23 2017

The campus of Cornell University is densely populated by languages. In their everyday lives, moving through Cornell space and time, every student, staff, faculty, etc. encounters many such languages. With help of Brad Burgess (Living Theatre/Segal Centre, CUNY) participants will be introduced to the work of The Living Theatre and challenged to share sensorial experiences with languages.

Sep 21
Sep 23 2017

A play for all times. The Caucasian Chalk Circle was written by 20th-century German modernist poet, playwright, and theatre director Bertolt Brecht amidst the mass upheaval and disruption of World War II. It was crafted as a parable about kindness, value, and the difficulty of assigning justice in chaotic times. Our production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle will be an ensemble-driven piece: an evening of storytelling and music as told by our students

Aug 31
Nov 04 2017

Union-Made: Fashioning America in the 20th Century is a collaboration between the Kheel Center and Cornell Costume and Textile Collection to celebrate 20th century fashion trends alongside the history of organized labor and union labeling efforts in the United States.

May 20
May 28 2017

Having been heavily influenced by the power of natural dyes, Fiber Science and Apparel Design seniors Kennedy Rauh and Rachel Powell will display the development of their journeys using natural dyes in Down to Earth.

May 19 2017

Obscura is a room. It reorients our vision from the screen to the outside world, questioning the everyday phenomena to which we grow numb and privileging a view that would otherwise be ignored.

Apr 26 2017

Doors is an investigation of the threshold -- a hinged, sliding, or revolving barrier that is designed to provide both enclosure and circulation.

Apr 23 2017

Cornell’s one and only Taiko drumming group, Yamatai, will perform at PULSE 2017, incorporating traditional Taiko pieces as well as original compositions.

Apr 23
Apr 29 2017

Pursuit attempts to encapsulate the state of existence between life and a waking dream. Every waking moment exists to please one’s self over oneself.

Apr 21 2017

Hailed as interpreting with "profundity and power" (RuideroXXI, Mexico City), the ensemble features clarinetist Eric Christian Umble, soprano Meagan Amelia Brus, and pianist Silvie Cheng. The ensemble's residency at Cornell will culminate in a concert of their repertoire, including premieres of 15 one-minute works, and the premiere of works by Cornell composers and collaborators.

Apr 06
May 01 2017

The artist, Yuxi Xiao, will hand copy the Arts page of local newspapers on newsprint using micropens, ball pens and pencils.

Mar 27
Mar 31 2017

Memory Objects: Denouement investigates the gap between oral and written traditions, mediating the spoken and written form through a visual iteration: an exploration of repurposing and re-formulating stories through an image set.

Mar 18 2017

Guest singer Rachel Calloway and pianist Xak Bjerken from Cornell's Music Department premiere four songs set to poems by Cornell poet Ishion Hutchinson, from his two collections: House of Lords and Commons and Far District.

Mar 17 2017

Yield Troubled Shadows: Bach and Modern Society pairs performances of two cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach with short lectures which will connect thematic threads from the cantatas to current issues in American and global society, including gender equality, marriage equality, and economic justice.

Mar 16
Mar 19 2017

The Cornell Wind Symphony (CU Winds) welcomes guest composer David Maslanka, one of today’s most important composers for winds.

Mar 16
Mar 18 2017

The Association for Graduates in Theatre (AGIT) Lab announces its fourth annual AGIT Lab, a showcase of experimental works by Cornell graduates.

Mar 11 2017

The Cornell Fashion Collective will present its 33rd annual spring fashion show, highlighting the work of over 50 design students.

Mar 10 2017

This exhibition will showcase the many talents of Cornell with poetry readings, printmaking activities, refreshments, and much more. Free and open to all students.

Mar 04
Mar 04 2017

A curation of scholarship that meditates on the idea of loving back & loving black while illuminating the power, possibility and potentiality of #blackgirlmagic, #blackboyjoy and #blacklivesmatter in this hys-torical and politically heightened moment.

Mar 02
Mar 05 2017

The Aizuri Quartet, an all-female ensemble will present a four-day residency entitled Blueprint featuring several student and public events and conclude with a full-length concert at the Carriage House Café Hayloft.

Feb 27 2017

From pieces whose metrical complexity recalls the ars subtillior to ones whose systematic simplification prefigures the minimalism of Phillip Glass, Elizabethan composers used the medium of the viol consort to investigate musical “what if?” questions.