Nov 22 2015

This capstone record project showcases three generations of American women composers, bringing togetherthe worlds of gender studies, music history, and performance.

Nov 19
Nov 20 2015

CU Winds welcomes guest composer and conductor Patrick Williams for a residency and concert this fall.

Nov 18 2015

Breaking Baksbat provides a compelling first-hand look at modern Cambodia — a society at a tipping point, in which one of Asia’s youngest populations is trying to recapture its culture and step forward past what is arguably the most widespread massacre in modern history.

Nov 09
Nov 13 2015

Luca Spano (MFA '16) presents visual and narrative research on the intersection between beliefs and scientific evidence in relation to "The Giant of Monte Prama," an archeological discovery that is changing some historical certainties of the Mediterranean area.

Nov 01 2015

The Cornell Contemporary Chamber Players are pleased to present a concert with the OSSIA New Music Ensemble, a group based out of Rochester's Eastman School of Music that specializes in contemporary music.

Oct 05
Oct 09 2015

Margin of Error” is space to relate with. Participants join to embrace an atmosphere of multiplicities, actual and virtual.

Sep 26 2015

Wu Wenguang, independent documentary filmmaker, and five other performance and video artists from Beijing, will bring their Memory Project, a dance/theater/multimedia performance.

Sep 26 2015

A fusion percussion emsemble bringing a dynamism to the art of tabla, infusing it with the power of rock drumming while respecting the ethos and tradition of the classical art form.

Sep 17 2015

Popular New York-based concert series Kettle Corn New Music teams up with cello-percussion duo New Morse Code to present an evening of adventurous new music in a relaxed, inviting atmosphere.

Sep 08
Sep 10 2015

Yiddish theater grabs you by the kishkes (guts) and doesn’t let go. Now the tradition is coming to Ithaca, with all the humor, pathos and meaning of its long history. The first-ever Yiddish Theater Festival in the Finger Lakes stars New York City’s New Yiddish Rep and includes four events over three nights.

Sep 05 2015

The South Asia Program, together with Cornell’s Pakistani Student Association (PSA), is proud to announce the return of Fareed Ayaz, Abu Muhammad Qawwal and Brothers, the premier Qawwal group of Pakistan. Qawwali - meaning ‘word’, the wise word, representing the divine voice - is Sufi music, which originated from Iran and developed in South Asia.

May 26
Jun 01 2015

Cornell University Department of Art presents the 2015 M.F.A. exhibition at Site 109 in New York City. The exhibition consists of works by 12 emerging artists in various media.

Apr 19 2015

Illuminations and Amber Dance Troupe present Rhythms of China! Come experience the rebirth of Chinese culture through a spectacular array of originally choreographed dances and re-adapted classics.

Apr 18 2015

Cornell’s one and only Taiko drumming group, Yamatai, will perform at PULSE 2015, incorporating traditional Taiko pieces as well as original compositions.

Apr 18
Jun 14 2015

This exhibition takes as its starting point not a particular geographic area or time period, but rather a phenomenon that exists wherever consolidated authority or conventions of good taste have taken hold.

Apr 12 2015

An intimate and immersive event, They that sow in tears combines the music of Heinrich Schütz (1585-1682) and his contemporaries with spoken prose and poetry and improvised organ meditations. 

Apr 11 2015

The Cornell Fashion Collective will present its 31st annual spring fashion show, highlighting the work of over 50 design students.

Apr 11 2015

Brandon Wen's collection, "Herself," re-evaluates fashion and art through the tension of "perfect shapes": this one-night show for the Cornell Fashion Collective will be displayed at Barton Hall.

Apr 06
Apr 10 2015

“For Display Purposes Only” is a series of hybrid food-objects that investigate the underlying social, cultural, and economic narratives embedded within the square watermelon.

Mar 26 2015

Breath, Contained is an interdisciplinary installation and musical composition by DMA composer/artist Tonia Ko that explores bubble wrap as a medium for both visual art and music. 

Mar 20
Mar 21 2015

Connecting Cornell's past to its present, and on behalf of the PMA #150events campaign, this event will celebrate the University's Sesquicentennial by situating Hip Hop dance in relation to Cornell's broader history of dance-- bringing together contemporary dancers, renowned scholars, and pioneering cultural activists.

Mar 17
Mar 20 2015

a muse, featuring Quincy, an aloof high school senior with an affinity for gnomes and a bad habit of stealing library cds, seeks to invigorate and inspire by finding the wit and beauty in the banal.

Mar 14 2015

Conducted by Chris Kim, the Bryant Park String Quartet will focus on Lassus and Renaissance composers including short choral pieces from Caroline Shaw (Entr'act), Feldman (Structures), and Beethoven (Grosse Fuge).

Mar 12
Mar 14 2015

The AGIT Lab is a series of laboratory performances presenting innovative and developing work from graduate students in the Theatre Arts field, featuring undergraduate, graduate, and community performers.

Mar 10
Mar 12 2015

This three-day residency presented in partnership with the Cornell Department of Music and guest EunKyung Kim will center on a chamber music concert at Ithaca's Carriage House, featuring works by Poulenc, Stravinsky and Mozart.

Mar 05
Mar 09 2015

During March 5–9, 2015, the Environs Messiaen: Nature Rendered at the Keyboard festival at Cornell University will explore works inspired by nature, inviting us to pause and listen again.


Feb 27
Mar 08 2015

This exhibition will showcase the many talents of Cornell with musical and dance performances, art activities, refreshments, and much more. Free and open to all students.