Dec 03 2009

Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts Nicholas Leichter Dance fuses traditional and contemporary dance that works to engage audiences in emotional dialogues.  The Department of Theatre, Film & Dance presents performances, classes, workshops, residences, lecture demonstrations, talk-backs and open rehearsals by the company. VIDEO: Free the Angels Show times and ticket information

Nov 20 2009

Fall 2009 Issue of Kitsch Magazine / Distributed on campus in various locations Student publication focusing on printing investigative feature pieces on subject matter related to Cornell, the Ithaca area, college, pop culture, and more. The magazine dedicates space to writers of fiction and poetry as well as artists and photographers to present their work. Kitsch Magazine

Nov 19 2009

8PM Barnes Hall Cornell Contemporary Chamber Players (CCCP) presents the Israeli Chamber Project (ICP) in collaboration with Cornell graduate composers.  ICP and CCCP will perform newly commissioned  work by Cornell graduate composer Amit Gilutz.

Nov 06 2009

7PM Cornell Cinema, Willard Straight Theatre Filmscreening: DWANDO (Conflict), with visiting artist Suman Ghosh (Ph.D '02), screenwriter and film director. Ghosh is a professor of economics at Florida Atlantic University, and screenwriter and film director in India.  He produced his first film, an award-winning documentary AMARTYA SEN: A LIFE REEXAMINED, following receiving his PhD in economics from Cornell in 2002.  He also wrote and directed feature films PODOKKHEP,...

Nov 05 2009

12PM, 374 Rockefeller Hall Filmscreening: AMARTYA SEN (Footsteps) with visiting artist Suman Ghosh (Ph.D '02), screenwriter and film director. This film includes interviews with Sen and internationally-known economists including Kaushik Basu, professor / chair of economics, Cornell, and C. Marks, professor of International Studies, Cornell. Ghosh is a professor of economics at Florida Atlantic University, and screenwriter and film director in India.  His most recent film, DWANDO,...

Nov 01 2009

November / Location TBA Installation by I. Maria Calderon (BA '10, Landscape Arch.), built from foldable sequence of pyramids to exagerate the three dimensional qualities of the aloe plant. The light weight structural material (chipboardboard + spray paint and aluminum) allowed for most of this sculpture to be transported in a suitcase from Guatemala to Ithaca.

Nov 01
Dec 01 2009

Bronx Museum of the Arts, NYC Installation of wind turbine towers, scaled as sculptural models, as part of a competition organized by The Design Trust for Public Space and The Bronx Museum of the Arts. Taking their inspiration from New York’s official City Seal, which features the sails of Dutch windmills,the Philadelphia-based design firm Austin+Mergold, LLC, (Jason Austin, Adjunct Faculty at the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University, and Aleksandr Mergold, Visiting Faculty...

Oct 30 2009

9am - 12pm Tjaden Hall Printmaking Studio Monotype Workshop with printmaker James Stroud, proprietor of Center Street Studios in Boston. Stroud's work will be on display as he conducts a half-day workshop in Tjaden Hall. His current projects involve highly charged oversize monotypes by the German artist Marcus Linnenbrinker forging a new language in working a print. A traveling exhibit is currently on view in Boston of works from his studio. James Stroud Studio

Oct 27 2009

8PM, Sage Chapel Concert + Award Presentation: Cornell University Undergraduate Artist Award winner, Dorian Komanoff Bandy (BA '10), College Scholar and music major in the College of Arts and Sciences, baroque violinist, violist, early keyboardist and conductor, will conduct a concert celebrating Haydn's bicentennial year.  Bandy will lead the baroque orchestra Les Petits Violons and special guest soloists in a concert exploring music from Haydn's early and middle periods, and...

Oct 17
Jan 31 2009

H.F. Johnson Museum of Art Video installations by Omer Fast.  Fast relates two very distinct industries - mortuary services and fashion photography - by emphasizing their involvement in the construction of images.  Looking Pretty for God overlays footage from a fictional photo shoot with actual interviews with funeral directors.

Oct 15 2009

8PM Barnes Hall Shiau-uen Ding, native of Taiwan, presents a recital of new works for piano and electronic media.  Ding will also present a lecture on contemporary electronic music performance practice. Video: Shiau-uen Ding performance Photo by Ben Kaufman

Oct 01
Dec 22 2009

Exhibit / Artist-in-Residence Economics Art Gallery 404 Uris Year-long exhibition of watercolor + pencil illustrations, and mixed-media installation pieces by illustrator Heather Layton. Installation illustrates the process of art production and experimentation. LETTERS TO A NEW GENERATION is the first installation by a resident artist in the Economics Department. begins with blank walls and is a participatory performance– Layton will complete a painting and hang hundreds of small...

Sep 25 2009

Cornell Cinema / Willard Straight Theatre Phillips, formerly of the storied band Luna, has composed music to accompany Artist Andy Warhol's rarely seen short silent film portraits, which capture Factory superstars, socialites, celebrities, poets and anonymous teenagers in technically simple but mesmerizing shots. The Screen Tests, as Warhol called them, are newly illuminated by Dean & Britta's haunting, seductive scores.

Sep 17
Sep 26 2009

Kiplinger Theatre, Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts Bursting with mistaken identities, acrobatic pratfalls, improbably miscommunications and a dash of romance, "The Servant of Two Masters" is a classic Italian comedy.  The production will be directed by guest WIll Rhys, artist-in-residence at Cornell for a four-week period of workshops and classes. Show times and ticket information Photo by Andrew Gillis

Sep 12 2009

7PM Hartell Gallery Savinien Caracostea presents a 20 minute film taking place at a house in the middle of the woods.  "It is night and it has been foreseen that in a matter of hours a meteorite will collide with the earth in the vicinity of the house.  There are five people waiting; they are both anxious and excited, but this unusual occurrence is stirring their deepest feelings, as the end might come soon." METEOROID attempts to awake a lost enchantment of the world...

Sep 11 2009

8PM Barnes Hall The South Asia Program presents a performance by Steve Gorn on flute and Samir Chatterjee on tablas. The rasa-bhava element (the collaborative essence of the music produced by the musicians and the experience of the audience) is very present in this music. Image: Steve Gorn

Sep 08
Oct 11 2009

Tjaden Gallery Lindsey Glover, staff in the Department of Art, presents a video installation that examines the patterns of a local greenhouse ecosystem.  The video and sound installation will reinvent the greenhouse within a new space, repositioning it with an ocean.

Sep 06
Sep 18 2009

Willard Straight Gallery George Cannon, artist, gallery preparator, H.F. Johnson Museum, presents Evolution: Contemporary, Abstract Digital Photography, a show of framed Giclee prints.  The images appeal by way of spatial arrangements, color and graphic interest, texture and tonal gradation, and layering.

Sep 04
Sep 05 2009

Tjaden Gallery Wu Jianjun and Zhao Nengzhi, with Feng Boyi, critic, and Chen Fang, Director of the Fang Yin Gallery, Beijing. Artists Wu Jianjun and Zhao Nengzhi represent a new generation of Chinese artists whose work is committed to sensational figuration.  A turn away from figurative representation association with metaphor and symbolism, this attitude represents a break from Chinese socialist and poetic traditions of figurations.   Curator Feng Boyi is known in China as...

Apr 08 2009

Jon Wong, '08, will be presented with the Cornell University Undergraduate Artist Award, an annual citation given by the CCA to an outstanding undergraduate student who has demonstrated talent, dedication, and who has realized notable achievements in one or more artistic disciplines while at Cornell.  Following the award ceremony, Wong will present "Same Dance Four Times," a site-specific performance which borrows from various popular and concert dance forms, drawing attention to...

Apr 04 2009

This program features Tara Cooper's Until the Lake Froze Solid.  The recurring murmurings of regret, coupled with the resolve to survive, and the wetness of a frozen lake form the spine of the piece.  The poetic narrative is by Autumn Watts (Cornell MFA, 2006) and the drawings and animation by Tara Cooper (MFA, 2008).

Mar 25 2009

The South Asia Program presents a documentary film and concert about Kabir, a mystic philosopher and poet (b. 1440) whose profound poems emphasize unity without religious barriers.  These poems have been set to music and will be rendered by India's premier singer of Kabir poetry, Prahlad Singh Tipanya and Party.

Mar 23 2009

Eden Gallanter presents drawings and sculptures exploring the ecological and iterative nature of civilization.