Oct 11
Oct 11 2008

Anillos (Rings) is a one-movement work for percussion and orchestra by Cornell composer and professor of music, Roberto Sierra.  The piece was performed by the Cornell Symphony Orchestra, during the 2008 meeting of the Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society in celebration of photo exhibition, "Spectacular Saturn," at the H.F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell. The concert and exhibition were funded in part by a grant from the CCA. Tim Feeney,...

Jun 15 2008

Karen Brummund worked with community volunteers to install the paper drawing of a barn on the barn at 135 Storm Road. Over 50 community members visited the installation and most donated drawings to the project. Photos and drawings from the event

Jun 11
Jun 27 2008

Hartell Gallery / Exhibition of landscape photography by Jessica Evett-Miller A mapping project with work by fine art aerial photographer Alex MacLean, BETWEEN THE LINES reveals the wider spatial order of Central New York State first laid out in 1790. During the past two hundred years these original survey lines have evolved into roads, field and property boundaries, tree lines, and other material forms that dictate, for good or ill, New York’s ecological and sociological...

May 11 2008

Temporary art installation VIDEO / Installation VIDEO / CornellCAST Students in Horticulture, with faculty and advisors, designed and created a green work of art that encompassed over an acre of land, and was viewed from the air. Cornell Chronicle May16.08 Cornell Chronicle May 02.08

Apr 12 2008

A festival of live performance featuring: Pharaoh's Daughter, Haale, Cornell Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Music Ensemble with Adam Matta, and special guests dancers: Kassar + Willow and Chandany + Teszia, artists who create, compose and dance to music that combines Middle Eastern and/or Jewish influences with a sensibility that is edgy and urban. The festival will demonstrate numerous musical forms. Pharaoh's Daughter, led by Basya Schecter, combines traditional Jewish melodies and tones...

Feb 02 2008

Featuring a screening of Buster Keaton's silent comedy Battling Butler with live musical accompaniment by the BQE Project, a seven-person ensemble that will be performing an original score by composer/conductor Tom Nazziola. Screening starts at 9am, following a reception with complimentary hors d'oeuvres and desserts, cash bar, and lovely door prizes.

Feb 01
Feb 02 2008

Agbadza: Funeral Dance-Drumming of the Anlo-Ewe A Two-Part Workshop in Music of West Africa TORGBUI MIDAWO GIDEON FOLI ALORWOYIE is a former child prodigy who served in the 1960s and 1970s as the lead drummer in the Ghana National Dance Company, and is regarded as one of the eminent virtuosi of Ewe drumming.  Torgbui is presently a professor of percussion at the University of North Texas, where he leads UNT’s  African Percussion Ensemble.   DAVID LOCKE is an...

Jan 25 2008

Netherlandish pianist Marcel Worms presents a concert of contemporary works inspired by the blues. Featured works come from composers of the Ukraine, Egypt, New Zealand, Italy, and the United States. Included is a piece by Chris Gendall, a Cornell graduate composer.

Jan 01 2008

Brian Sentman brings sculpture and dance together to create a social commentary on Couch Potato Culture. Dancers, strapped into beanbag chairs -- the "Thorax Sack" -- are transformed into bugs and perform a dance inspired by movements of stinkbugs, beetles, and other insects. The "Thorax Sack" is a constant reminder that comfort is near but too much comfort can have a thwarting effect on one's desires. The outcome of the dance will be a DVD commodity to be bought and...