Dec 08 2007

Cornell Cinema presents the 1922 silent film classic "Robin Hood" with live performance by early music quartet Hesperus as part of the IthaKid Film Fest. Cornell Cinema / Robin Hood with Hesperus

Sep 14
Sep 23 2007

In tribute to the life and work of Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Arthur Miller, the Schwartz Center stages his first notable success, "All My Sons." In this compelling war drama, the political and personal intertwine in a story of greed, guilt, and the American Dream. Featuring guest designer Greg Robbins. Schwartz Center for the Performing Art

Apr 06 2007

A DOCUMENTARY PORTRAIT OF PHOTOGRAPHER SALLY MANN BY FILMMAKER STEVEN CANTOR What Remains is a stunning portrait of a national treasure. Sally Mann has been described as 'America's greatest photographer’ and this richly textured film serves to re-inforce the claim. Spanning five years, Cantor's film contains unbridled access to the many stages of Mann's work. What Remains is a rare glimpse of an eloquent and brilliant artist." (Lisa Viola, Sundance Film Festival).  With live...

Apr 01 2007

AWKWARD is an innovative student publication.  The 6th installment of Awkward is an object-based issue with 14 plates, each displaying a text on one side, a texture on the other, that constitute 14 tactile experiences addressing various facets of campus life at Cornell. The plates slide into a die-cut box, and touch on a variety of subjects.  

Mar 08
Mar 11 2007

Part of the Cornell Dance Concert 2007, the special "Open Portal" interactive event reaches out to wide audiences through the use of webcasts, live and on-line promotional presentations. The event will explore new and emerging technologies such as "clickers," T.R.U.S.T., pipeline, and interactive sets and costumes with the intention of showcasing and celebrating the Cornell dance community and its collaborators in design and science.

Feb 19
Feb 20 2007

Kitchen Theatre, Ithaca, NY Theatrical investigation into the life and work of French poet, Arthur Rimbaud (1854–91), directed by Ross Haarstad; with actors, dancers, visual artists, musicians and writers. 2005-06 Dance Concert, Dance Studio, Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts Lansing Star Feb07

Feb 03 2007

Concert by the Eastman Wind Ensemble, under the direction of former Cornell music professor Mark Davis Scatterday, at Cornell University for a community concert, to which area high school and middle school music students are specially invited.

Feb 01 2007

Syau-Cheng Lai: Painting exhibition and piano performance. Concert: February 2007, Barnes Hall Exhibition: February 2007, Tjaden Gallery  

Jan 30
Feb 11 2007

Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts Guest vocal percussionist Adam Matta works with director Bruce Levitt, students and resident professional actors to create a new piece to be performed as part of the 2006 - 2007 theatre session. This original works mix vocal percussionists with Shakespeare's sonnets and soliloquies.

Jan 20
Mar 18 2007

H.F. Johnson Museum of Art Internationally acclaimed Chinese artist Gu Wenda exhibits a site-specific installation of his "Forest of Stone Steles: Re-Translation and Re-writing of Tang Poetry."