Dec 01 2003

Production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses at Risley Theatre, directed by Ross Housewright Images: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11      

Nov 08
Jan 01 2003

Works from the H.F. Johnson Museum's Collection by Janine Antoni and Patty Chang including Touch and Losing Ground. Performance by Patty Chang.

Nov 02 2003

Visiting Artist-in-Residence Guru Gangadhar Pradhan, dance master and master drummer, Odissa Dance Academy, India, performs with Cornell's Durga Bor. Images: 01 02 03 04 05 07 08 09

Nov 01
Nov 07 2003

Photography exhibition of self-portraits documenting place of emotion and identity over time. By Wilka Roig, Individual Artist.

Oct 23 2003

Performance by Timothy "Speed" Levitch. Three-part expression.

Oct 22
Nov 02 2003

A play by Annie Weisman, takes a satiric look at the trials of two teenage girls engrossed in the world of pom-poms, Prozac, and air flips. Guest Artists Jennifer Schwartz '95, director / Chuck Hatcher, sound designer.

Oct 07 2003

Intensely physical and theatrical works choreographed by Salia Sanou and Seydou Boro. Compositions combine African rituals and contemporary dance to create powerful statements of evocative beauty. Master class.

Oct 04 2003

Concert of "chirimia" music of traditional street bands that use horns and percussion with a contemporary twist based on traditional songs and rhythms.

Oct 03
Oct 09 2003

Art and activism: the best environmentally-themed films from around the world. Visiting Filmmakers: Franny Armstrong (Drowned Out) / Lucia Small (My Father the Genius) / Dave Eckert (Reclaiming our Water) / Ana Vivas (The Blood of the Earth).

Sep 18
Sep 27 2003

In conjunction with the New Student Reading Project. The story of Antigone subverting a politically oppressive regime has startling relevance to modern times. To create the classic Greek tragedy's sense of ritual in song and dance, Andrew Waggoner (MFA '84, DMA '86), composer, violinist, educator will produce original music to complement this lyrical adaptation. Norm Johnson, Theatre Arts, Ithaca College will create masks and conduct workshops with students.

Apr 29 2003

Bruce Skiles Danzer Jr., AIA discussed his design philosophy and present several projects he has designed in the United States and Europe. Bruce Danzer was a principal at Studios Architecture in Washington, D.C. and London from 1987 to 2002. His clients included Apple Computer, Bloomberg, Young & Rubicam Advertising, Turner Broadcasting and CNN. In 2002, Bruce started his own firm, LAB [3.2]. Bruce Danzer has been a visiting lecturer at the Department of Design and Environmental...

Apr 10 2003

We were reading to ourselves. Sometimes to others. I was quietly reading the margin when the doves fell, it was blue outside. Perhaps in a moment, he said. The moment never came. I was reading something else now, it didnít matter. Other people came and dropped off their rÈsumÈs. I wasnít being idle, exactly. Someone wanted to go away altogether in this preposterous season. from Chinese Whispers Professor Ashbery, the Charles P. Stevenson Jr. Professor of...

Apr 03 2003

World-famous Arab music ensemble: Simon Shaheen and his Near Eastern Music Ensemble to visit Cornell University for lecture and concert

Mar 26 2003

Lecture by Peter Eisenman ('54), architect, Eissner Artist of the Year Award recipient

Mar 24
Mar 27 2003

Performance artist Tim Miller, widely known as one of the "NEA Four", who was pressured by the United States Congress to return an NEA grant because the content of his work was deemed too controversial as it included homoerotic references, gave a performance in March, 2003.  Glory Box is a funny, sexy and political work that addresses the injustices facing lesbian and gay couples in America. It recounts the trials Miller has been forced to undergo in trying to keep his...

Mar 22
Mar 29 2003

Exhibition by Scott Pitek (B.Arch '03), 2002-03 Undergraduate Artist Award winner. "MVMT: Re-Presents," March 22-29, 2003, Tjaden Gallery. An opening reception is scheduled for March 25, 7:30 PM. 

Feb 07 2003

Camilo Jose Vergara, photographer, situates major contemporary urban themes in photography that chronicles the American City, the Ghetto, the Barrio, and the marginal spaces of the American urban landscape.  He is co-author of Silent Cities: The Evolution of the American Cemetery, the author of American Ruins and The New American Ghetto.  This exhibition of over 200 photographs chroniciling the American Ghetto included work from Vergara's original book as well as anew work not shown...