Eric Lee

I seek to use digital media, sculpture, and interactive elements to create works that surface the level of absurdity that exists in the interaction between human and modern technology. The use of familiar everyday devices and digital platforms, such as smartphones, Google, QR codes, etc., is a way to highlight the prevalence of technology and how these slightly ridiculous moments in our lives can be elevated to a physical form or an interesting concept. As I hope to shed light on these specific incidents that are overlooked as normal, the process of sampling and research inform the ideation process, and people’s reaction to my works strengthen the ties with our technologically-reliant reality. Through my works, I do not necessarily provide an opinion on the way we use or interact with technology, but simply wish to point out the reality that is, and the lifestyle that we have adopted. Whether or not the reception of these issues are positive or negative seems to depend on individual insight, as our relationship with technology has already been set to be deeply personal. 

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