Denise Green and Amanda Denham: Texture

TEXTURE is an eclectic exhibition that emerged from a simple and (intentionally) vague prompt: texture. Under the direction of faculty advisor Denise Nicole Green ‘07 and the exhibition’s chief curator, Amanda Denham MA ‘17, research assistants Jackie Fogarty ‘18, Amanda Hailey Dubin ‘18, Jackie DeVito ‘18, Tuyen Nguyen ‘20, Allie Malakoff ‘20, Livia Caligor ‘21 and Nora Cowett, along with our collection manager Helen McLallen, selected some of the most sensorially stunning items in our collection. TEXTURE is about how fashion and textile objects provoke questions beyond their selvedges and seams.

  • Space & Installation Arts
  • August 15 - October 15
  • Human Ecology Building, Level T
  • Denise Green